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Kitten found in car engine!

Hew-wo everyone. I'm the new girl here. A really nice guy named Dave found me in the engine of a car at his work. He took me home and fed me and kept me safe. Then I got to come to Rock Star rescue, so they can find me a forever home. I have some yucky boo-boo's on my neck, but the vet got me all fixed up and I feel better now. I love people and am famous for making biscuits on their lap. They named me Grace (Slick) and said it has something to do with Starships or Airplanes or something. Either way, I love it here in my foster home and will keep ever-body updated as I heal up. Special Tanks to Dave for saving me and to Jen Z. for taking me to the doctor. If you wanna donate to my medical expenses, the lady who pays the bills says she would rilly appreciate it.

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