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Adopting a Kitten

Thank you for your interest in adding a Rock Star Kitten (or two) to your family!

We are seeking responsible adopters who have a stable living situation, are financially secure, and who are willing & able to provide a loving home for a pet for the next 20 years. We require that all of our kittens live indoors with their human family and have free-roam of the house when they are old enough. We have a strict policy against de-clawing.


The minimum age to apply is 21 years old. We adopt to individuals and families within the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area.


All other pets living in the home must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date with vaccinations.


If you rent your home or live in a condo with pet restrictions, we will ask for a copy of your lease showing allowance of a cat in the home.

Kittens enjoy having a furry companion. If you already have an active kitty at home and are looking for a friend for him/her - Great! If not, please consider adopting a pair of kittens. Two kittens are half the work and twice the fun!


Our adoption fee is $150 and includes spay/neuter, de-worming, microchip, FIV/FeLV testing and age-appropriate vaccinations. We ask that you complete an application so we can get to know more about your home & family, and match you with an appropriate kitten. Our kittens are raised in foster homes, so we get to know their personalities quite well.

CLICK HERE to submit an online application.

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