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Female, 14 Weeks Old

Queen and her siblings, Kiss and Motorhead, were born to an outside kitty in Northampton. A kind neighbor scooped up the kittens and cared for them until we had room for them here at the rescue. Many community cats have already been through the TNR program on this street and residents are continuing efforts to get momma cat spayed and catch the elusive orange daddy! 

These three sweethearts are fluffy and plump, goofy and loveable. They love to wrestle and pounce on each other, one chasing the other through the kitty tunnels. They eat well and have excellent litterbox skills. They look virtually identical, making it  difficult to tell them apart. So we gave them each a break-away collar to see at a glance who is whom. 

Queen is adventurous, playful and so soft. She enjoys wrestling with her Kong Kickeroo, stretching on her cardboard scratchers and lounging on the soft, fluffy beds in the nursery. She likes to have her chin scratched and, when feeling frisky, will climb up your back to sit on your shoulder and purr in your ear. What a Love!

Like most young kittens, Queen would love to be adopted with another kitten, or be adopted into a home with another young kitty to be her playmate.

Click the links to watch Queen's YouTube videos:    VIDEO 1    VIDEO 2    VIDEO 3    VIDEO 4    VIDEO 5    VIDEO 6 

Queen and her siblings come to work with their foster mom most days. Ask when she'll be there so you can visit!


511 EAST 21st ST (RT 329)


Queen has been de-wormed, litter-trained, tested negative for FeLV/FIV and received her first FVRCP vaccine. When old enough, she will also be spayed, microchipped and receive her Rabies vaccine. Queen's adoption fee is $150.

Ready to adopt? Check out our adoption guidelines HERE.

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